"My shiatsu - it was indescribable. I feel like I've been changed at the level of my DNA. Just incredible." - L.P. Saint Paul.
Connie Kauppi            bodywork you can feel.

Connie Kauppi
   I am a bodyworker practicing in the Asian Bodywork modalities of Shiatsu and Thai Yoga Massage.
   I believe bodywork is the key to bringing balance into a person's life. I believe that Asian bodywork is as effective as other bodywork modalities in relieving pain and providing relaxation. Asian bodywork benefits all aspects of one's life: physical, mental and spiritual. My approach honors your healingchallenges while creating space fordeeper insights to be realized.
   Thank you for considering me for your bodywork.


$70/hour, plus tax
cash, check, charge
- full rate schedule - 

Monday - Friday
by appointment

557 Banfil Office Court
557 W. 7th Street, #102
Saint Paul, MN 55102

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Tune In
Your body has a lot to say. That sore shoulder, or headache, or heartburn, or banged up knee?
Just a conversation starter.
Schedule a Shiatsu and check in with your body. 

Let Go
Life happens to the best of us.
Your pains and traumas and hang-ups are stored in your body.
Shiatsu helps you let these go. 

An experience of relaxation.
Breathe, and it will happen. 

Through touch.
For you.

Book your session:   651.492.9073     -     connie@shiatsutym.com

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