A Note on Phone Calls

Connie Kauppi

Shiatsu and Thai Massage

Connie's Shiatsu & Thai Massage

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How to Find Us

The nationwide scourge of illegal telemarketing and scam calls and robocalls has rendered consistent telephone communications impossible to manage for the sole proprietor. Maintaining the discipline to answer every phone call has become a serious challenge to productivity and emotional calm. A challenge I have decided not to endure. I will not spend time and emotional energy answering calls from numbers that have not been saved to my phone. In the current environment of robocall predation, I figure one out of 40 calls from an unknown number is legitimate. If you wish to contact me prior to scheduling via my online scheduling page, send a text with your name and question to 651.492.9073 or an email to connie@shiatsutym.com.
Your understanding is deeply appreciated.